Yet another browser in the market??

That was my first reaction when I heard of Flock. hmmm… I thought, If I download this, this is going to be my 3rd browser. First one is Safari, which I have kept as my Mac’s default browser, next is Firefox which is what I always use (alltime favorite 🙂 ), then there’s Opera (I like it’s clean interface and the way it caches the most recent webpages that you’ve been reading) and here comes another one… Flock.

What’s that? I didn’t mention IE? Forget it! It’s buggy, I don’t want to use it.

So why create a new browser? What’s the need? Why do I need another browser to browse?

Well, apparently, it’s not just for browsing!!!


The other day I was looking for a tool that I could use to easily upload pictures in Multiply and Flickr. I found a few including one that nicely integrates iPhoto with Flickr (FlickrExport) and then I started pondering about how do I easily manage all the content that I maintain in the internet (even if I haven’t published anything for the last 2 years except for some mailing list posts).

Enter Flock.

It’s still in Beta 1 but according to the Definitive Flock 1 Beta Review it is already very stable.

Hence, I gave in, downloaded it and I’m now using Flock to write this entry. It looks good!

For those who are curious, you can use Flock to post in most blogsites (as I’m doing right now), upload and maintain files in Flickr, integrate with del.ico.us, and it’s got a new style in doing web searches from the browser.

Best of all, it is built on top of Firefox.

Check it out!

Blogged with Flock


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