Goodbye Flock?

As I blogged less than 2 days ago, I discovered Flock and found it to be useful. However, as I experimented with it more and more, I found out its usefulness for me is limited to writing and uploading blogs. I have thought that the image upload feature would be useful but, alas, I can’t use it in Multiply (though it’s not Flock’s fault) and FlickrExport is quite good. So I started asking myself, why would I need a new blogging enabled web browser if there’s already an extension for Firefox – I was pretty sure there’s a blogging tool extension for Firefox out there somewhere.

So I went and googled for such an extension.

Tadaa! I’m using it now. Its from Performancing and it looks spiffy. I’ll try it for a couple more days and see how this measures up with Flock’s tool. I’ve seen blogs though that praise this tool.

We’ll see.


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