Welcome to Journler

If you see a quote from Lao-Tzu below and a note from a guy named Philip Dow, then that means Journler is working with WordPress.

Cool! 🙂
I’m trying out several blogging tools right now. So far, Journler looks okay unlike SOHO Notes which I removed less than five minutes after installation, SOHO Notes is such a resource hog.
Enough for now, more testing to do.
– end of my note.

Tao called Tao is not Tao.
Names can name no lasting name.
— Lao-Tzu

Welcome to Journler!
Version 2.0.1

Hi and welcome to Journler! I don’t want to keep you long, just a few words before you begin. Journler is the premier notebook and entry based information manager for the Macintosh. If you’re looking for a simple, elegant program that will keep your diary, look no further. If you need a powerful information manager than can collect your thoughts, bookmarks and media, Journler is it. Either way, Journler includes a host of features that will meet your needs.

Poke around before you get started writing. On the surface Journler is a simple enough program: create an entry on a calendar date, write your thoughts down, and maybe add the entry to a folder or two. But look a little further, around a few nooks and crannies, and you’ll find a program that is suprisingly sophisticated and capable. Journler includes stunning iLife integration, it can record audio and video, it will import years worth of rich text entries and filter them on the fly. When you’re ready, you can use Journler to blog or put linked notes on your iPod, and much more.

I hope you enjoy Journler as much as I’ve enjoyed using and developing it. If at any point you aren’t sure what to do or are confused about something, have a look at the help files via the Help menu up top. Journler Help is extensive, and you’ll learn a lot just browsing through it.

Philip Dow,
Journler developer



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